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SUPERMAN™: CALL TO ACTION Premium Format™ Statue Sideshow


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Statue Premium Format™ SUPERMAN™: CALL TO ACTION Sideshow

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Type de produit: Statue Premium Format™
Licence: DC Comics
Edition Limitée: 2500 exemplaires numérotés
Dimensions: H(496mm) x l(331mm) x P(331mm)
Fabricant: Sideshow
Année: 2021
Matière: Mixed media (résine, tissu)

En savoir plus

Statue Premium Format™ Superman™: Call to Action fabriquée par Sideshow.



“Nobody tears my city apart and gets away with it.”

Sideshow presents the Superman: Call to Action Premium Format™ Figure, ready to leap into your collection in a single bound.

The Superman: Call to Action Premium Format™ Figure measures 19.5” tall as Clark Kent sheds his civilian disguise to become Superman, running through a Metropolis alley as he answers his city’s cry for help. This inspiring and dynamic DC Comics collectible captures both sides of the Kryptonian’s truly heroic self, as both a mild-mannered reporter and the Man of Steel.

The mixed-media Superman: Call to Action Premium Format™ Figure features a polyresin body and sculpted blue super suit revealed beneath a carefully tailored fabric suit, which consists of a black jacket, white dress shirt, striped tie with internal wiring, and black pants. The symbol of the House of El on his chest serves as a beacon of hope to those in need of help as Kal-El fights for truth, justice, and the American way. The Superman: Call to Action Premium Format™ Figure also includes both a Clark Kent portrait with his hat and glasses as well as a Superman portrait with his iconic kiss curl and a determined look on his face.

This looks like a job for the Superman: Call to Action Premium Format™ Figure! Bring home some heroic help to your DC Comics collection today.