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ELEPHANT MOSQUITO IN AMBER Replica Jurassic Park Elite Creature Collectibles

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Type de produit: Réplique
Licence: Jurassic Park
Edition Limitée: 2000 exemplaires numérotés
Dimensions: 5cm x 5cm x 10cm (LxlxH)
Fabricant: Elite Creature Collectibles
Année: 2023
Matière: Résine

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Elephant Mosquito in Amber Replica 30th Anniversary Special Celebration Edition du film Jurassic Park (1993), fabriqué par Elite Creature Collectibles.

''Life finds a way.''

Created as theme park attractions, the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park (1993) are cloned through genetic engineering. The process is accomplished by extracting DNA from ancient elephant mosquitoes, which once sucked the blood of dinosaurs and then became fossilized in amber, preserving the DNA. Jurassic Park scientists then fill the gaps in the genome using frog DNA.

Elite Creature Collectibles is proud to present a replica of Elephant Mosquito in Amber. ILM artist Bitan crafted a faithful recreation of the original elephant mosquito, capturing all the wonderful details. We even used top 3D-printing technology to get the dinosaur DNA into the belly of the mosquito!

- Each mosquito is 3D-printed
- Attractively themed display base made of resin

Limited to 2000 pieces worldwide.

Product Dimensions (including base):

5cm x 5cm x 10cm   (LxWxH )